Identity Access & Management

Ultra EZMCOM’s One-Time-Password (OTP) Tokens go beyond simple static passwords to provide organisations an easy way to increase trust in a user’s identity and grant them appropriate access.

All Tokens are compliant to Open Authentication (OATH), HMAC- Based One-Time Password (HOTP, TOTP & OCRA) Algorithms.

OTP tokens for greater flexibility and convenience

One-Time Password Tokens provide strong authentication while offering simple and secure deployment and activation. EZMCOM offers a broad range of Tokens for convenient access to one-time passwords (OTP) on devices that users can carry with them including smart phones, tablet devices, and laptops.

Administrators can easily assign, notify and manage the tokens using the token management console (a part of the EzIdentity™ Servers). EZMCOM is versatile Token form factors and a simple provisioning process allow businesses to deploy strong authentication cost effectively.


Corporations can easily distribute, activate and manage these token giving for time & cost efficiency.
Administrators can:-

  • Assign Tokens to multiple users by group affiliation or search criteria
  • Manage inventories of Token licenses
  • Assign multiple Tokens to users. Facilitate redundancy and availability
  • Unified administration of Hard Tokens, Soft Tokens and SMS OTP

Should a Token not be required its Revocation and Reuse is also a simple click away:-

  • EZMCOM Soft Token licenses can be reused when a partner or customer no longer requires access or when employees leave the organization.
  • Soft tokens can be revoked and reactivated using the same simple activation process.

EZMCOM’s Out of band authentication

  • Deliver One-Time Passwords to user mobile phone as an SMS/ Text message.
  • EzIdentity™ EzToken can also deliver the OTP via IVR/ USSD/ e-mail leveraging on an existing out-of-band communication channel.


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