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Ultra Electronics AEP provides trusted security everywhere, supplying commercial organisations, governments and defence forces around the world with highly secure and resilient solutions for Cryptographic Applications, Data and Voice Encryption, Communications Routers and Automated Payments.


Ultra Safe

Ultra Safe - HSM & key management

Accredited HSMs and cryptographic solutions for application and infrastructure security

Ultra Safe KeyperPlus Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide high-assurance key generation, digital signing and key storage capabilities servicing the digital economy for government and industry worldwide. They provide the cryptographic security for key management, PKIs, digital rights management, DNSSEC, code and application signing, database encryption, banking services etc. Designed for protection of the entire crypto key lifecycle, AEP’s Hardware Security Modules have been independently validated for use in applications where the highest level of trust is demanded.


Ultra Encrypt

Ultra Encrypt - data & voice encryption

Managed data and voice encryption solutions for secure networking and mobility

Ultra Encrypt comprises a range of independently-assured encryption solutions that enable high-confidence VPN communications.

AEP’s products are used extensively by managed service providers in multi-domain encryption solutions optimised to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Encryption systems using AEP’s innovative Over-the-Air Re-keying (OTAR) and compromise management (stun / kill) techniques that set the standard for next-generation key management strategies, protect mission-critical operational networks in government, defence and enterprise networks around the world.


Ultra Communicate

Ultra Communicate - communications routers

Flexible multi-bearer & optimised toll quality routing solutions for rapidly-deployable and survivable communications

Ultra Communicate comprises a range of multi-purpose platforms designed for governments and commercial organisations that have a need for secure and rapidly-deployable communications in day-to-day operations or emergency situations where conventional communications may not be available.

The technology provides comprehensive end-to-end communications management, blended mobility, network roaming and automatic network configuration supporting a wide range of protocols over many types of physical interfaces, including satellite, leased lines, PSTN, wireless and cellular networks (3G/4G).

The products are configurable to provide user-defined prioritisation for voice and data to control latency on critical links. AEP can also supply fully-integrated and ready-to-deploy secure communications platforms to provide a robust, reliable and highly-supportable solution coupled with multi-service communications.


Ultra Payments

Ultra Payments - automated payments

Efficient automated payments solutions for secure debit, credit and TTs

Ultra Payments comprises international payment processing solutions to blue-chip companies and small-to-medium sized organisations. AEP’s solutions are used to streamline, manage and automate financial payment processing, and provide direct access to our secure, cloud-based PayGate™ processing engine, giving full management control to end users whilst incorporating high-levels of protection.


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