Statistics showed majority of corporations suffered from confidential data theft, business partner phishing, data tampering by insiders or outsiders, and application hacking, do not aware until major losses are seen. If confidential letters are used to sealed and chopped while invaluable gemstones are used to be deposited in safeboxes, sensitive electronic enterprise data should be protected and insured. Bloombase believes the problem should best be solved by cryptographic technologies.




doxShield™ introduces an incredibly secure yet radically simple solution to securing documents – be it Certificates, ID cards, Letters of acknowledgement and any form of electronic or physical documentation. As a network attached appliance doxShield™ automates the (bulk) generation of digitally signed and timestamped e-documents. These e-documents are securely archived for future access. Each such e-document gets embedded with a doxShield™ verification code for identification of fake, altered or a tampered printed physical copy of the document.




You’re safer in our world because we provide comprehensive protection that fits your security budget. Our complete security protects you everywhere, from your network, to your servers, endpoints and mobile devices too. It’s so simple to use, you’ll actually turn it on.




StratoKey is a security gateway that automatically encrypts your web and cloud application data. This data encryption prevents the vast majority of data breaches that occur when your user, application, server or network are compromised. Your users go about the use of your application as normal, unhindered by StratoKey.

StratoKey resides in the network and application data passes through the StratoKey gateway on its way to the application. This is where StratoKey encrypts application data. By encrypting the content as it leaves your network, you add a significant layer of protection to your data. StratoKey utilizes FIPS 140-4 AES encryption.


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