Zscaler Web Security


No Hardware. No Software. No Compromise.

Zscaler Web Security leverages the world’s largest global security cloud to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive protection against advanced and emerging threats. And, because it relies on our patented, multi–tenant 100% cloud architecture, it delivers all the benefits of proactive, Real–time security without the need to deploy and manage appliances, software or agents.

With Zscaler Web Security, IT security teams can instantly create and deploy granular web-based policies — by user, group, location or action — to anyone, anywhere and on any device. It’s that easy!

  • Best protection against today’s advanced threats — in Real–time
  • Secures Web 2.0 applications and social media
  • Secures PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets



  • Unmatched Security
    • Threat intelligence built from billions of daily transactions for unmatched protection
    • Scans and secures every byte of every web transaction — inbound and outbound
    • The industry’s most advanced and comprehensive web security backed by SLAs
  • Global Cloud Coverage
    • Seamless protection across over 50 datacenters, at any time, across the globe
    • Five 9s availability — local, regional and multi–continent redundancy
    • Near—zero latency from any location or network
  • Simplicity and Efficiency
    • Eliminate complexity and consolidate point products
    • Single console for global security policy management and reporting
    • On–demand service — direct traffic to the cloud quickly and easily
  • Real-time Reporting and Analysis
    • View any transaction, by any user, from any location — in seconds
    • Reports across department, group, or user, device, or location
    • Detailed reporting and analysis of Web 2.0 applications, network usage, threat protection, user policy and more

  • Cost Savings
    • No appliances, software or clients to deploy and manage
    • Eliminate backhauling costs and complexity
    • No buying excess capacity — cloud scales elastically as you need capacity
  • Mobile Device Security
    • Day–1 security for iPads, iPhones, tablets and Smartphones
    • Secure any device, anywhere — all without agents
    • Enforce a consistent user policy across all PCs and mobile device


  • Advanced Threat Protection

    Zscaler’s context — aware, zero–hour security scans every byte of inbound / outbound traffic to secure devices, users, data and web applications against Advanced Persistent Threats. Inline ByteScan™, full SSL scanning and Cloud Intelligence protect against botnets, malicious active content, phishing, XSS attacks and more.

  • Web 2.0 and Application Control

    Leverage the power of Web 2.0 Apps and social media without compromising productivity or security. Now, IT teams can easily create granular global policies — based on users or groups — for webmail, streaming media, social networking and IM.

  • Unified Policy and Reporting

    Zscaler delivers one, unified console to create web policy across security, Internet access management and data loss prevention. Administrators manage their own policy — with changes instantly reflected across the entire cloud.

  • URL Filtering

    Zscaler enables organizations to limit their exposure to liability by managing access to web content for users, groups and locations. URLs are filtered by global reputation — against more than 90 categories, 30 super categories, and 6 classes.

  • Bandwidth Control

    Easily and efficiently allocate bandwidth to prioritize business — critical web applications over recreational usage.

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